Welcome to the Hellfire Cup.

Introducing the Half Satan

We kept on getting asked if we could provide an option for people who were struggling to get annual leave or family pressures for the full 4 day event, or those who might struggle to complete the full Hellfire enchilada.

So! In the vein of other MTB classics we decided to trial a shorter option for those pressed for time away from the office and the family. Say hello to the 1/2 Satan. We thought this would help those who just couldn’t get their full Hellfire experience on this year.

Find out more about the Half Satan

The quick version
For the time poor creatures out there. Let us tell you about the Hellfire Cup in 30 seconds or less. (Okay, a minute if you’re a slow reader or being distracted by rhesus monkeys playing the spoons).

It’s a 4 day, multi-stage pairs racing mountain bike event – located in Kellevie & Wielangta Tasmania and will be held on the 20th-23rd of November 2014. We have a colossal $60,000+ prize and giveaway pool including massive spot prizes including competition level mountain bikes winnable by any entrant and cash prizes for elite podium finishers.

Hellfire’s a coming… from Osborne Images on Vimeo.

Sound awesome? Yes, we think so also. Entries  for the full Hellfire Cup have now closed. However, if you are still keen to be part of the action there is a 2 day option the Half Satan available, See our entry page for details. This shindig is being put on by an experienced team headed up by Duncan Giblin (you may have enjoyed his other madcap adventures such as the Kellevie 24 hour) and it’s going to be bomb diggity.

For a more detailed overview of the race, check out the competitor information pack.

We designed this event to provide:

  • Top class riding on awesome trails,
  •  An entertaining and social atmosphere,
  • A riding experience that is both achievable and rewarding for all people who ride regularly.
  • Opportunities for people with young families to help manage the responsibilities of being riding mums and dads.
  • A prize pool that rewards us mortals with great spot prizes as well as serious elite rider podium prizes, (one of the biggest in Australia).
  • Hassle free logistics for riders and support crews, we feed you lunch and keep all the stages based in the one area, starting from the one race village.
  • Great festival vibe complete with a banging after party.

The Hellfire Cup is a race that is all about the trails, the riders, the area, the race village, the bike and racing. If you love riding you’ll love the Hellfire cup, whether you’re fast or last.

For the full rundown, check our About page.