2017 Course Info

You want to know what the plan is. Check this …

For a more detailed overview of the race including start times, and profiles check out the 2017 competitor info pack coming soon. Course will be similar to 2015 as below but with lots of new trails!

Jeanneret Electrical Technologies Race Village

Jeanneret Electrical Technologies Race Village

DAY 1  – November 16th 2017

9:30 AM Full race briefing
10:00 AM Stage 1 – MTN Trails Serpent – Mill Road loop 25ks

Terrain: Access road , fire road, single track, tram line descents. There is a lot of  single track on this stage and it varies from organic slightly technical through to open groomed flow sections. Lots of variation with new trail sections added.

Day 1, Stage 1 Hellfire Cup

LUNCH Served and ready when you return to race village

2:30 PM Stage briefing
3.00 PM RACE START  Stage 2 – Onetonne Rodeo
 – 4 laps on a sweet 6.5k single track course. Pairs split and do two laps each (alternating) with a race village transition. Lone Wolves do all 4 laps.

Terrain: Organic hand built trails mixed in with professionally built Mtn Trails gems. fast and not to techy.

Day 1, Stage 2 Hellfire Cup

Laid back post race entertainment and MTB Cinema after stage 2

DAY 2 – November 17th 2017

8:00 AM Feed station vehicles leave
8:30 Full Stage briefing
9.00 RACE START Stage 3 – Maxxis Assault – 50k loop, To Jacobson’s Peak and return.

Terrain: fire road, 4wd trail, single track, insanely fun tramline descents.

Its the toughest day of the race with a couple of big climbs. Starting with Old Kellevie Mill Ascent  followed by more hand built single track and then forestry road  out to The 4Shaw Nutcracker taking you to Jacobs Peak.  What goes up…. You then find yourself on Kingos Tramline which is a descent that goes on forever taking you to the most technical descent on the course  Baby Head Alley . A couple of ks of flatland (we found some in Tassie) and its on to Aubs’ Track , a great piece of lovingly crafted trail that gets you back to the main road climb The Old Woolstore Head CrackerThere is a  feed station on The Old Woolstore Head Cracker run by friendly natives who will be on hand to make sure you are in good spirits. Onwards to Mill Road and then its onto singletrack and Old Kellevie Mill Descent all the way back to Kellevie.

Day 2, Stage 3 Hellfire Cup

Lunch waiting when you get back to the race village

PM village entertainment
5:00 PM Time trial group seeding and start times posted online ( and Facebook) and in race village.

DAY 3 – November 18th 2017

7:30 AM Feed station vehicles leave the race village for TT Start/Finish area
8:30 AM race stage briefing
9:00 AM Cape Bernier Cruise stage from race village to Time Trial start – 6km

10:00 AM Stage 4 – Storm Boy Photos Time Trial – 15.5km
Riders are sent off in their pairs with a 30 second interval between each pair. Lone Wolves will be sent in pairs according to their seeding.
Terrain: It’s an old gravel track made for construction access for a massive dam which you ride around and descend back on to the coast.

Cape Bernier Cruise stage return 9k return to Kellevie where lunch will be waiting.

Day 3, Stages 4 & 5 Hellfire Cup


5:00 PM  Stage Briefing
5:30 PM RACE START Stage 5 – Muc-Off Sidewinder  – 2 laps on a 9k  single track course. Pairs split and do one lap each (alternating) with a race village transition. Lone Wolves do both laps.
Terrain 9km of hand made single track and MTN Trails professionally built masterpieces – it’s a fast and challenging lap.Day 3 Stage 6 Hellfire Cup

8:30PM Stage Briefing
9:00PM Stage 6 Start – Rooke Wray & Jackson/Insurance Solutions Tas QUEEN/KING OF KELLEVIE
NIGHT STAGE – Optional dash for cash for all entrants (pairs ride individually it is every man/woman/child for themselves). Times from this stage are not part your overall standings – it is simply a dash for some cracker and for costumed riders to show who really is the belle of the ball.
Fast mountain goats can chase some serious coin up the hill thanks to Insurance Solutions Tasmania and Rooke Wray & Jackson over an 8k course.

DAY 4 – November 19th 2017

7:30 AM Stage Briefing
8:00 AM Stage 7 Start – Tuff Torq Hill Climb – Widow maker hill climb followed byan awesome descent into the race village  FULL HELLFIRE PAIRS – Pairs complete the Tuff Torq Hill Climb together in seeded groups (fastest to slowest) of 10 riders at 1 minute intervals. Time is taken from the last rider in your pair over the line. LONE WOLVES -1 lap of Tuff Torq Hill Climb in seeded groups of 10 riders at 1 minute intervals. Sound complicated? Don’t panic our team take the stress out of it for you showing you where and when to be.

Day 4 Stage 7 & 8

10:00AM STAGE 8 Start – JETTECH HECTIC TTT – 3k dirt fest course with great viewing around Kellevie race villiage. FULL HELLFIRE PAIRS – Pairs will be riding together as a TTT. The field will be split into 2 – slowest half and fastest half. Slowest Half will be sent out starting at 10:00am in groups of 10 at 30 second intervals seeded fastest to slowest. The fastest Half will be sent out starting at 11:15am in groups of 10 at 30 second intervals seeded fastest to slowest. LONE WOLVES – Individuals will be sent out with the first half of the field in seeded groups of 10 (also at 30sec intervals) at 10:00am.


1:30 Presentations /BBQ feast lunch /major spot prizes.
2:30  DJ – Close (till whenever you stop partying, and yes, you can camp the night too). We will be camping for sure ;). Dragsters, Leaf blower races and castle storming is on the agenda.
Terrain – Depends on how loose it gets.